Online taxi booking

Few days ago I asked on travel forum, how much is taxi ride from Lima airport to Miraflores. Turns out, there is a website, where one can book a cab, and prices are listed too.


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Place to stay – Pipas Maypas

If you are AIESEC/IAESTE intern, or you came to study in Lima, you might like this place. This is a house, where many interns and foreign students (many of my friends too) stayed. It is called “Pipas Maypas“, located on ca. Juan de la Fuente 608 in Miraflores. It’s not too luxurious, but in exchange it offers unique climate. People who live and lived there form real community.
Besides, the parties in that house were unforgettable. (:

They have website:, you can also visit the group on Facebook.

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How to make Pisco Sour

Pisco SourThere are lot of recipes on the Net, but the way I make it:

1. I use shaker, the portion is for ~4 cups.

2. Put some ice cubes into shaker.

3. Pour one part of pisco, one part of fresh pressed lime juice, half part of egg white and some jaraba de goma (sugar syrup). If I don’t have the syrup, I just give teaspoon or two of sugar.

4. Shake really well, until ice breaks in very small pieces and there is nice foam on top.

5. Pour in the glasses, give few drops of Angostura bitter. Disfruta!

Actually I don’t give exact proportions and use rule of thumb. Taste if it’s good, and if not, give some more pisco or juice or sugar.
It’s important to use limes, not lemon. It tastes better.

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How to spend just 70$ for Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu When I went to an agency in Cusco and asked about a trip to Machu Picchu, they told me the price was 140$. My jaw dropped, because I was expecting to spend just around 70$. In fact, if you do it on your own (and skip the middle-men), it’s possible.
So this is what you need to do:

  • Go to train station in Av. Pachacutec (the one, where train to Puno leaves from) and buy a ticket. The cheapest (for foreigners) costs 44$. Train goes from Ollantaytamba to Aquas Calientes. It leaves at 8 pm, return is at 5.45 am.
  • Ticket to Machu Picchu you can buy in Cusco in Instituto Nacional de Cultura (ca. San Bernardo), or at the entrance to the ruins. It costs 119 soles (for students S/.59 – with valid ISIC card)
  • Go to Ollantaytamba by bus. It leaves at 4 pm from station in Av. Grau and costs S/.5. You can also change bus in Urubamba.
  • Train leaves from Ollanta at 8 pm. Be at the station at least half hour earlier. It arrives in Aquas Calientes at 10 pm. It’s easy to find cheap hostel there.
  • To the ruins you can take a bus (6$ one-way) or go on foot.

All prices and information was actual in December 2006.

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How to recognize false money

Set of coinsThere are a lot of false coins here. Especially coins of 5 soles. I asked some people from bank how to recognize it. Now I think I know what to pay attention to. Here’s what I found out:

  • 5 soles coins are bimetallic, so the color is first thing. The ring should be from stainless steel – shiny and clear, and inside from copper-aluminium-nickel. Just learn what’s the color of good coin.
  • When you put coin on glass or desk, it should not “wabble”. False coin may be skew or crooked.
  • Pay attention to “escudo” on reverse side. On good coin thin lines in the background should be good visible.
  • Lines of the number on front side (5 or 2) must be straight

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Having your visa extended

Usually AIESEC and IAESTE interns are coming here on student’s visa.
You can have your visa extended in migration office called DIGEMIN. It is located at Av. España 734, in Breña (district of Lima). Unless you speak perfectly Spanish, I recommend you taking someone who is Peruvian with you. In front of the building you can always see lot of suspicious characters, con artists, who will want to “help” you and will require money for it. Don’t let them cheat you. You don’t have to pay for any form, all necessary payment you make at the bank.

To have your visa extended you will need few things.

    1. You will have to pay 20 $ and S./26 in Banco de la Nacion for “Prórroga de Permanencia”. And this is all that you will need to pay. If someone tells you, that you need to pay him/her something else, probably is just trying to cheat you.
    2. I needed some documents: a letter from company where I had my internship; second is letter from a person, Peruvian, that has a job, that he/she will guarantee to pay costs of your stay and studies.
    3. A photocopy of your passport – the page with your personal data and the page with visa.
    4. Your Carta Andina (the small paper you get usually on the plane before you land and is stamped at customs)
    5. Fill the form that you will receive at the window
    6. Don’t forget your passport

And that’s all…
Check, for how long they are going to extend your visa. The longer, the better. Otherwise you’d have to go there every month and pay the money every time

Here is the link to official website of the office (in Spanish).

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Public transport

If you don’t have your own car, there are two ways to go around the city. You can take a taxi or you can take a bus (called kombi or micro).


Buses don’t have timetable. But they go every some minutes. Buses are cheap – at most you’ll pay 1 sol. You pay the man at the door.

Each bus has a line number or letter in the window. Also route is often written on the side. Additionally someone at the door is shouting where the bus is going, so just ask the doorman.

Buses have several disadvantages. The are very often in bad state. And they are often crowded. They stop very often to take new passengers, so your ride will take ages.


Taxis in Lima are relatively cheap and there are a lot of them. They are good alternative when you’re with more people who will share the fare, or when you don’t know which buses to take. Taxis don’t have taximeters, so you will have to negotiate the price with the driver before you get in.
Unfortunately lot of taxi cabs are also in bad state.

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